Scam/Fraud/Usurpation of Waltio
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Individuals posing as Waltio contact cryptocurrency owners with the aim of extracting their funds. This constitutes a scam.

How the scam unfolds

In recent weeks, our company, Waltio, has been the target of identity theft. Scammers are rampant by misleading customers through fake investment trading sites.

After making a deposit on these platforms and being informed of supposed winnings, victims find themselves facing a dead end when it comes time to withdraw their funds.

The fraudsters then claim that it is imperative to obtain “certification” of their tax return through Waltio to recover their funds.

It is important to emphasize that no payment is required to receive funds. At Waltio, we exclusively offer tax reporting assistance.

To avoid falling for these scams, it is essential to take into account the following points :

  • Your data is safe; no leaks were observed ;

  • Waltio will never ask you to pay to receive funds ;

  • No telephone exchange is initiated on our part ;

  • Under no circumstances do we solicit your private key/personal information ;

  • A complaint was filed with the Gendarmerie, and an investigation is underway.

If you are contacted or have received a call of this type, do not hesitate to inform us at the following address:

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