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Understanding the taxation of capital income in Belgium

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The tax regime for cryptos is not clearly defined in Belgium and is aligned with existing tax regimes. The issue of staking, farming, play-to-earn gains is unclear. Waltio adopts the prudent solution and offers you here the majority legal interpretation of Belgian law.

Passive income are received as a result of staking, farming, cashback, CFD or play-to-earn operations, can be considered as capital income.

Capital income is a different tax category from capital gains (miscellaneous income), so it's important to declare these two categories of income separately.

Capital Income is taxed at 30%.

⛔️ This tax system applies to everyone! Regardless of whether you have a "good father" profile and regardless of the amount of your gains or losses.

Here is an example of how the system works:

  1. Capital income is taxed when the crypto gains are received:

    I receive 0.10 ETH from staking for a value of €150.

    I label the deposit transaction "Staking".

    I will therefore be taxable on the value of the ETH received, so €150 as capital income.

πŸ’‘ This step will apply to everyone, without exception or exemption.

2. If I make a taxable transfer of the staking gains, the capital gain made will be taxed :

I resell my 0.10 ETH for a value of €200, so I realised a capital gain of €50 taxable as miscellaneous income.

I will be taxable on €200 capital gain as miscellaneous income.

πŸ’‘ This step does not apply if I have a "Good Father" profile.

To find out how to declare your capital gains and passive income, follow our tax declaration guide.

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