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BitPanda - API

Create an API on BitPanda to automatically upload your transactions from BitPanda to Waltio

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Hi there 👋

Step 1: Login to your Bitpanda account.

Step 2: Display the top drop-down menu, then click on "API key".

Step 3: Choose a name to identify your API like "Waltio Key" for example and define the scope of the API key.

💡 The scope of the API key is: Transaction, Trade & Balance

Step 4: Click on Generate a new API key.

Step 5: Confirm the creation of the key via email

Then copy your private key.

Step 6: Link your keys to Waltio.

⚠️ If you delete your keys or change the permissions, it will complicate the analysis.

1 - If you have already deleted your keys then we will not be able to synchronize

automatically. You will have to create a new one.

2 - If you have already modified your keys, then we put in "disabled" mode the APIs encountering errors.

3 - If you correct afterwards, you will have to contact the support service via the chatbot at the bottom right of your screen because we perform weekly synchronizations.

4 - The deletion of the keys automatically leads to the loss of all the modifications (recording of labels, prices, etc...) made on the transactions cover via API.

⚠️ Earnings, related to answers to questionnaires, are not taken into account. You can add them manually with a file in Waltio's format.

💡 When using indices on Bitpanda, Bitpanda makes rebalancing trades in USD. You can change in the Waltio interface the USD to USDT so that these transactions are not considered taxable in our tool.

⚠️ Bitpanda awards in BEST, COMP or others are not visible not API

⚠️ Some of the BitPanda transactions are very tricky because they potentially realize taxable events via the conversion to euros. Two options are viable: to consider these transactions as taxable operations or not. We have made the choice not to consider these transactions as taxable by default in our tool.

⚠️ If you add files containing transactions read by API, then the relevant transactions will be duplicated on Waltio. Our API gives you a choice if you already have BitPanda files on your Waltio account.

It will ask you to choose between two options:

1 - Recovery of all data since the creation of your BitPanda account.

2 - The recovery of all the data since the date of the last transaction on your Waltio account.

⚠️ It is possible that the crypto "Bitpanda Ecosystem Token" (BEST) is linked (as a fee) to transactions involving stocks. We only support cryptocurrencies and crypto indices. If you want to deduct your fees in BEST involved when buying stocks, ETFs or metals, then you will need to go through Waltio's sample format file.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us via the chat just at the bottom right of your screen! 💬

The Waltio team

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