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Automatic labeling of DEFI transactions (AAVE, Maker, C.R.E.A.M, Compound, Morpho)
Automatic labeling of DEFI transactions (AAVE, Maker, C.R.E.A.M, Compound, Morpho)
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Hello πŸ‘‹
On Waltio, you have the possibility of labeling your transactions, that is to say, adding a label to differentiate and/or justify them.
From now on, Waltio will automatically label transactions coming from the following protocols:

  • AAVE V1

  • AAVE V2

  • Maker

  • C.R.E.A.M

  • Compound

  • Morpho AaveV2 Optimizer

  • Morpho AaveV3-ETH Optimizer

  • Morpho CompoundV2 Optimizer

What are the automatically added labels?

Transaction type

Waltio Label



Adding Liquidity

This is a procurement action for the protocol, similar to adding liquidity to a liquidity pool.


Other Withdrawal

This is the repayment of your loan.



This is the repository of your borrowed tokens.


Other Withdrawal

This is the withdrawal of your deposit proof (example with AAVE: aTokens).



This is the forced repayment of your debt by automatically selling your deposit proof (example with AAVE: aTokens).

Adding Liquidity : Deposit a certain amount of an asset into the protocol, issuing the same amount of corresponding proof of deposit (e.g. AAVE: aTokens) and transferring them to your address.

Other Withdrawal:

  • Remove the amount of underlying asset, that is, exchange the underlying token and burn the deposit evidence (example with AAVE: aTokens).

  • Repay the loan (the collateral)

Borrowing : Borrow a certain quantity of assets with an interest rate mode, sending the amount to your deposit address.

Liquidation : When the health factor of a position falls below 1, liquidators repay a portion or the entirety of the borrowed amount in name and on behalf of the borrower, while receiving a reduced amount of collateral in return (also referred to as "liquidation bonus").

Liquidators can choose whether they want to receive an equivalent quantity of your deposit proof (for example, with AAVE: aTokens) as collateral or the underlying asset directly. When the liquidation is successful, the health factor of the position is increased, bringing the health factor above 1.


If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us via the Chatbot located at the bottom right of your screen! πŸ’¬

The Waltio Team


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