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Create a Binance API to automate your transactions' upload from Binance to Waltio

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To use the API, you must first generate a unique API key pair using the tutorial below.

Step 1: Login to your Binance account :

Step 2: Click on your profile, then “API Management” :

Step 3: Click on “Create API” :

💡 Binance has created a “tax report API,” although the data is less accurate. We recommend using the “normal API”.

Select “System generated API key”, then click “Next” :

Choose a relevant name to identify your API, like “WaltioKey” for example:

Step 4: Please follow the security verification :

Suivez les vérifications par téléphone et par email

Step 5: Your brand-new API for Waltio is waiting for you :

Make sure the “Enable Reading” box is checked:

👉 Waltio only requires read permissions.

Check that the “Unrestricted” box is also checked:

👉 We use plenty of IPs to circumvent Binance's constraints. Synchronization would take hours if we would request only a few IPs. By using “rotating” IPs, we can get Binance's synchronizations in a few minutes.

Step 6: Return to Waltio and enter your API key:

💡 Synchronization may take from a few minutes to a few hours. While waiting for the Binance's retrieval of deposit and withdrawal transaction histories, you can deposit files from other accounts or connect other APIs.

💡 It is possible to add multiple Binance APIs on Waltio.

🚨 The Binance API does not support all transaction types. Please read each of the following pieces of information carefully to ensure that all of your Binance transactions are properly considered:

🔌 Regarding API:

1️⃣ If you've created your Binance API before using Futures, you will need to create once again an API by ticking the “Enable Futures” box :

💡 This may not work for French tax residents. Therefore, you will have to add your futures trades through a Waltio file.

2️⃣ “Funding fees” and “Commission rebates” for futures are not retrieved by API.

3️⃣ Some staking rewards, rewards earn like POS savings interest are only partially retrieved by API.

4️⃣ “Spot Small assets exchange” are not correctly retrieved by API. Indeed, API's retrieval is limited to the transactions made after the 01/01/2021

If you have made any of these transactions, you can find them in your Complete Statement (All statements).

5️⃣ Transactions related to delisted pairs are not present in the API. They must be added by file.

📁 Regarding the files:

You can find the tutorial to add your Binance files here. Here is a summary table:

Transactions type

Supported by Waltio ?

Where to find the file ?

Cash Balance


Auto invest


Liquidity Swap


Binance Margin


Commission History ; Commission Rebates ; Commission Fees Shared With You


Binance Card


Binance Card cashback


Deposits and withdrawals of ETH and BETH related to ETH 2.0 staking




Binance Pay


Loans and Borrowing




Vanilla Options


COIN-M Futures


Peer to Peer (P2P)


Contact Binance support, then add a file in Waltio format

Here is some information on how to manage your APIs on Waltio :

⚠️ If you add files containing API-read transactions, Waltio will duplicate the relevant transactions. If you already had Binance files on your Waltio account, our API gives you a choice. It will present you with two options:

👉 Recovering all data from your Binance account since its inception.

👉 Recovering all data since the most recent transaction date on your Waltio account.

⚠️ You should not delete your keys or change the permissions because it will complicate the analysis :

  1. If you have already deleted your keys, then we will not be able to synchronize automatically. So you will have to create new ones.

  2. If you have already modified your keys, then we put them in disabled mode.

  3. If you correct afterward, you will have to contact us, because we do weekly synchronizations.

  4. Deleting the keys will automatically cause the loss of all modifications (recording of labels, prices, etc.) made on the transactions retrieved via API.

If you have any further questions, please contact us via the chat box located at the bottom right of your screen! 💬

The Waltio Team

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