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Add all your addresses on a blockchain at once with an Extended Public Key

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A public master address/key (we'll consider these two terms synonymous) is a public key registry. It is a parent address through which you can find all your public addresses created on a blockchain: daughter addresses, as well as all read-only data (example: associated transactions) of these daughter addresses.

Because an example is worth 1000 words:

1/ You create a Bitcoin address on your Ledger. So you have a public key and a private key linked to your wallet.

👉 The parent address is created (it is also called master public key, master public address or extended public key).

2/ You decide to create another Bitcoin public address on your Ledger in order to have “two accounts”. It is thanks to the parent address that Ledger Live generated the second public address, and that it will generate the next public addresses.

Generally speaking, the new address is created when you receive funds in your account.

💡 The parent address is only accessible to you. It is the only link that exists between the two public addresses you have created.

Having the parent address allows you to find all the daughter addresses, but not the other way around. Thus, giving a parent address to a third party allows them to read the transactions made on all the child addresses.

This is very useful when using a tool like Waltio that needs to read all your transactions on all your addresses, without having to add your addresses one by one. Even if the purpose is the same, the time saving can be significant for you.

🎉 That's why we just added this feature to Waltio.

Here is the list of key types we currently support per wallet:



Type of extended key



Ledger, Exodus, Trezor

XPub, YPub and ZPub

Starts with “xpub” ; “ypub” or “zpub”

Bitcoin Cash

Ledger, Exodus, Trezor

XPub, YPub and ZPub

Starts with “xpub” ; “ypub” or “zpub”


Ledger, Exodus, Trezor


Starts with “ltub” ou “xpub”


Ledger, Exodus, Trezor


Starts with “dgub”


Ledger, Exodus, Trezor

Stake Key

Starts with “stake1”

💡 Here is an example to understand the table: xpub are extended keys of the Bitcoin blockchain whose characteristic is to start with “xpub”. We support these keys if they come from a Ledger, Exodus or Trezor wallet.

👉 We do not support MTub and ZPub for Litecoin.

If there are features you want already, feel free to vote and let us know 😊

We have written tutorials to help you add your master key to Waltio according to the wallet :

💡 If you are using a wallet other than these three, you can still try to add your XPub, and let us know if it works 😊

If you have any wallet or blockchain suggestions, feel free to let us know by adding your feature requests here: https://feedback.waltio.co

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us via the chat just at the bottom right of your screen! 💬

The Waltio Team

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