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Find and download your Meria transaction history

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If you need to export the history of all transactions in your Meria account, follow this tutorial.

Step 1: Go to your Dashboard and select “Wallet” from the left menu:

Step 2: Click on “History”:

Above the transaction history, you will see an EXPORT.CSV button with a blue W. By clicking on this button, you will be able to download the export to be integrated on Waltio :

Step 3: Upload your file to Waltio.

🪧 More information about the Meria file:

1️⃣ The gains obtained by masternodes, staking (immobilizing tokens to obtain more) and mining are not defined by the legal texts. There is a legal blur because they are not defined by the texts of law. Interpretations among tax lawyers differ. Here is the one put into practice by Waltio.

2️⃣ It may take several hours for deposits to arrive at Meria. So our matching algorithm will not automatically match the deposit and withdrawal. You will be able, with the new version in February 2022, to match them in the interface. You can also label the withdrawal “Transfer between accounts”.

3️⃣ For trade, the fees are not actually charged in either currency, the percentage directly affects the exchange rate used in the conversion. The fees are therefore deducted from the volume.

Example: Let's consider a BUSD-DAI exchange, the average rate is 1:1. By applying a 1% fee, the rate is adjusted to 1:0.99. The exchange of 10 BUSD will then produce a reception of 9.9 DAI.

👉 If you still want to choose one of the two currencies, we advise you to use the source currency (it corresponds to the same volume as the transaction), it will be simpler for management.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us via the chat just at the bottom right of your screen! 💬

The Waltio Team

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