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Deposits usually increase the value of your portfolio.

The choice of the label have an impact on the calculation of your capital gains or losses. So, please do not use labels if you are unsure of their different impacts.

❗️ These tax labels are only applicable if you use the calculation method that excludes crypto/crypto transactions from the tax.

If you use the crypto/crypto method (default method) see this article.

πŸ’‘ Not all deposit have to be labeled, only the following one should be labeled in Waltio :

  • Cashback

  • CFD gains

  • Masternodes, staking and farming gains

  • Other gains

  • Fork

πŸ‘‰ To label a transaction in our tool, follow this tutorial.

Here is a table explaining the deposit labels available to Belgian users and their tax consequences

Deposit Labels

Deposit label

Does the label make the transaction taxable?

Does the labelled transaction impact the value of the portfolio?


Crypto Buy





Transfer between accounts


No ❌

Yes βœ… Increase ↗️

Collateral Reimbursement



No ❌

No ❌


Masternodes & Staking

CFD gain

Other gain


Yes βœ…

Yes βœ… Increase ↗️

πŸ’‘ Here are two examples to understand:

1️⃣ – You receive an airdrop in cryptocurrency. On the deposit transaction, you apply the label β€œAirdrop”. This deposit will increase the amount of your cryptos in stock and will not be taxable.

2️⃣ – You receive 0.2 ETH as a reward for your staking. On the deposit transaction, you apply the label β€œGains from masternodes, staking, farming, CFD”. This deposit will increase the amount of cryptos you have in stock, and it will be a taxable transaction (taxable as income from capital at 30%).

If you use the β€œTransfer between accounts” label, you must add it to the withdrawal and deposit.

Example: You send 1 ETH from your Binance account to your Coinbase account.

You therefore have a withdrawal of 1 ETH from Binance and a deposit of 1 ETH on Coinbase: these two transactions must be labelled as β€œtransfer between accounts”.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us via the Chatbot just at the bottom right of your screen! πŸ’¬

The Waltio team

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