No taxable transactions in 2021

Do I have to use Waltio if I have not made any taxable transactions during a year?

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According to the tax regime of capital gains in digital assets, there is no obligation to calculate and declare your gains if you have not made any taxable transactions (be careful not to confuse absence of taxable transactions with absence of capital gains).

Thus, the use of Waltio is limited. However, Waltio can be useful for three reasons.

1) To access the information to declare your digital asset accounts held abroad through the 3916-bis form.

2) In case of a tax audit, the documents provided by Waltio will allow you to justify your compliance with the law.

3) Last but not least, the tax system requires you to carefully monitor each transaction. Indeed, cryptocurrency operations are becoming more and more complex and taking back operations over several years is often a source of complexity. So using Waltio annually, will allow you to track your portfolio and be "up to date in your crypto accounting".

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