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You can find all the tutorials for the platforms we support via API here.

Once an API connection is created, all your transactions since the creation of your account on the exchange in question will be read. However, we only take into account transactions made in the current fiscal year (e.g. transactions in 2020, for a declaration in 2021).

💡 If one of your APIs is not properly synchronized, you will not be able to run an analysis. If this happens to you, we invite you to check the relevant article.

The API accesses requested are read-only rights. Thus, we can only read customer data, and not perform any transfers or withdrawals.
In addition, public and secret keys are encrypted via a KMS (Key Management Services) system to secure your data 🙂

💡 All your transactions will be automatically updated every 14 days if you log in, and every 3 months if you are a user and do not log in.

Transactions that took place on the same day of the synchronization are not valued in € because the prices are not available from our data providers. This value will be automatically updated during the next analysis.

If you had added files to your Waltio account containing transactions read by API, then our tool will let you choose between two options:
1 - The recovery of all data since the creation of your account
2 - The recovery of all the data since the date of the last transaction on your Waltio account

For a FIAT ↔ Crypto trade, we will always calculate the price using the FIAT amount and the quantity traded to get the most accurate calculation possible.

⚠️ If you add a platform via API and delete some transactions manually, then those transactions will reappear on the next API sync. A deleted transaction cannot be "saved" as deleted from our database.

💡 On our side, we have the possibility to pause the APIs, this has the impact of blocking new synchronizations. Thus, your deleted transactions will not be added. We invite you to email us at hello@waltio.co if you want us to pause one or more of your APIs.

👉 We can also run a "Full Sync" which resynchronizes your transactions from the first one.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us via the chat just at the bottom right of your screen! 💬

The Waltio team

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