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Schedule of Annual Capital Gains Return
Schedule of Annual Capital Gains Return

Understanding your annual capital gains schedule

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We prepare a schedule for the annual capital gains declaration adapted to the 2086 capital gains declaration form. This Excel table gives you the figures to report in your personal space (impô

💡 To complete your tax return on your online space, we have written this guide. The tax administration does not take into account the figures after the decimal point, so their calculation in the online space may be rounded up or down compared to the calculation on Waltio. If your tax return differs by more or less a few euros from the result produced by Waltio this will have no impact, and you can declare serenely.

The Total Gross Acquisition Price, this is the sum of all your "Cash-in", i.e. acquisition operations (purchase of cryptocurrencies).
The capital fraction is the portion of your invested amount (cash-in) that you sold. In other words, it represents the portion of the investment that was originally used in the sale transaction. A divestment transaction is also called a "cash-out" or "taxable transaction".
Once you deduct the capital fractions from the Total Gross Acquisition Price, you get the Total Net Acquisition Price (column P of the General Ledger).
💡 In case of transactions prior to January 1, 2019, we have written an article.

In addition, we suggest you read our tax guide on this topic.

💡 If the initial capital fractions contained in the total acquisition price are equal to 0 then it means that you have not made a taxable transfer prior to the relevant transfer.

As for the total acquisition price (Gross), it is the sum of all your "Cash-in", i.e. the acquisition operations (purchase of cryptocurrencies).

💡 A transfer price is relative to a sale of digital assets, so this number cannot be negative. If this appears, you should compare your ledger with the source file provided by the exchange platform to understand.

On the tax return site, decimal digits are not accepted, so we file the return schedule with round numbers only.

If the schedule is blank, then this means that you have not made any taxable transfers in the current tax year.

💡 If some of the boxes look empty when they shouldn't think so, consider making the boxes larger.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us via the chat just at the bottom right of your screen! 💬

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