Qualify a trading activity

How to know if the activity is occasional, usual or professional?

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To qualify a trading activity as occasional or usual, several criteria must be taken into account, such as the amount of transactions, the proportion of the tax household's income derived from the digital asset trading activity and the means used (use of derivatives, additional investments, etc.).

The vast majority of cryptocurrency owners have an activity qualified as occasional, therefore taxable under the regime associated with the single flat tax (PFU - Flat-tax).

πŸ‘‰ For more information on tax reporting for individuals with a usual activity and for professionals, you can follow this article.

Qualifying your activity and therefore recommending you more than the other is a tax consulting service. This profession is regulated and tax lawyers have the exclusive right to provide this service.

The tax system applying to an individual or a company is indeed different, the amount of taxation differs according to the status. We recommend you to consult a certified public accountant in order to have a complete view of the company structure and the different possibilities that exist.

If the income from your digital asset trading activity is a significant part of your taxable income, then we recommend that you seek advice from a tax lawyer.

We cannot give you more details about these activities as this could be considered as tax advice, which is not the nature of our activity. The profession of tax advisor is regulated and reserved for tax lawyers, who have the exclusive right to practice. To answer your questions, we can recommend our tax lawyer.

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