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Liquidity providing (LP) token prices
Liquidity providing (LP) token prices

How to value farming and liquidity tokens providing

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What are these tokens?

When you provide liquidity in a decentralised protocol like Uniswap or 1inch, you send your cryptos outside your wallet. So, in order for you to get them back, a token is sent to you in your wallet. This token is a liquidity providing token (LP token).

Here are a few examples:
LP ETH-1inch
FARM 1 LP ETH-1inch

How can they be valued in Waltio?

In most cases, it is very complicated, if not impossible, to value LP tokens. We therefore recommend that you add them to your list of tokens with no value or value them at $0.00001.
However, if you know their value, you can enter it manually by following this article.

What labelling is required?

For withdrawal transactions to a liquidity pool, you must use the "Add liquidity" label. It is not necessary to label liquidity return deposits.

To find out more about labels in Waltio, see our following articles:

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If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to contact us via the Chatbot at the bottom right of your screen! πŸ’¬

The Waltio team

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