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Here is all the information about the tax return and the usefulness of Waltio.

Reporting obligations

During the French tax return campaign, there are two obligations related to declaring the cryptocurrencies you own.

In the case of transfers of digital assets against state currencies such as Euros, or Dollars) or the purchase of goods or services in cryptocurrencies, it is necessary to calculate and declare the capital gains or losses realized.
All accounts opened, used or closed during 2022 must be reported. Thus, an account opened after January 1, 2023, is excluded from the scope of the law, for the 2022 tax return campaign. However, it will have to be declared in 2024.

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Benefits of using Waltio

Waltio is a cryptocurrency tax assistant. It allows you to manage the taxation of your cryptos quickly and safely. Specifically, it simply presents the taxation of cryptocurrencies, calculates your taxable amount and shows you how to declare it to the taxes.

Technically, our tool retrieves data from your accounts (trading platforms and wallets), analyzes them and calculates the amount of your taxable capital gains. Waltio is constantly updated with the latest French tax regulations.

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